Wi-Fi throughput measurement

In our blog we want to offer insights not just into existing and reworked products, but also into features currently in development. This includes the latest feature for m2suite mobile, the measurement of the Wi-Fi throughput. With this feature, beginners as well as experts get an additional tool to better determine the actually available Wi-Fi speed.

What is Wi-Fi throughput?

The throughput describes the actual transmission rate of a Wi-Fi connection, in other words, how fast the Wi-Fi really is. There are different factors on-site influencing the theoretical Wi-Fi speed. However, the technical specifications of the transmission rates are very rarely met if at all (at best in laboratory conditions). Especially users who depend on Wi-Fi – e.g., on smartphones or tablets – need to know if the Internet line outside of the home network is actually slow, or if the Wi-Fi in their home is the reason for the slow connection.

One click to measure

Using the new Wi-Fi throughput measurement feature, users only need one click to measure the throughput and see a live graph of the measurement points. This way the user gets a very detailed analysis, showing the exact development of the measurement, the maximum and minimum values and the average transmission rate. On Android the Wi-Fi signal strength is additionally shown, which enables users to contextualize the measurement (since this also affects the transmission rate).

Extensive details

An additional detail view offers the user even more information about the measurement. The measurement duration indicates the length of the measurement, how many network changes or interruptions occurred and their duration. Additional details of every Wi-Fi the user was connected to during the measurement are shown; this covers not just the Wi-Fi name (SSID) but also further details (e.g., used frequency band, Wi-Fi channel and the encryption). This enables even beginners to get more details, at the same time, technical advanced users gain valuable in-depth information about their Wi-Fi.

Detailed Wi-Fi insights

In a modern household, many devices are dependent on a good Wi-Fi connection, no matter if it’s video or music streaming, or working with applications that require a permanent (stable) network and Internet connection. If problems arise, it’s imperative to pin down different sources of error; one of them could be the quality of the Wi-Fi connection. Using our new feature “Wi-Fi throughput measurement”, it’s possible to exactly measure the Wi-Fi connection on iOS or Android. This way, the user gets important insights to his Wi-Fi home network and its connection quality.