Welcome to the mquadr.at blog!

With our blog we deliver the answers to the latest and newest questions regarding Internet and technologies. We want to present current developments in the telecommunication industry as well as our opinions about these topics. Due to intense cooperation with Internet service providers (ISPs) and “telcos” (telecommunications companies), we know their demands as well as the demands of their customers; both are not necessarily the same.

It is our goal to mediate between these different positions and to present in this blog how we master this balancing act. Our tech experts talk about current technologies and home network topics; whereas our product team will discuss exciting new developments on the market.

Internet concerns us all

Thanks to a long-standing experience with leading ISPs we possess an extensive expertise regarding all topics concerning Internet, home network and WiFi. The demands regarding the Internet usage as well as the range of the related questions have changed over time. Nowadays all age groups use WiFi or have to solve home network questions. This is a big opportunity as well as a challenge for all involved.

In our focus are current challenges, market developments and Internet technologies, but also topics that move and concern us.

In a nutshell: We present to you the considerations and thoughts behind our products and how we achieve our goal of making the usage of technology easy for everyone.