The best location for the Wi-Fi repeater

Positioning a Wi-Fi repeater sometimes resembles playing Hot and Cold, with the only difference that no one yells “hot” or “cold”. On the contrary, it is rather difficult and time consuming to find the best location for the repeater. We at think a lot about how to make this process better and therefore reworked the Wi-Fi repeater positioning feature of m2suite mobile.

Wi-Fi repeater – what is it?

A Wi-Fi repeater is connected to the modem and ensures that the Wi-Fi signal of the modem is forwarded. This should – in theory – boost the Wi-Fi distance, of course only if the repeater is placed correctly. m2suite mobile helps with this and enables the user to find the right position. For this process, the connection quality between the different devices (modem, Wi-Fi repeater and the user’s device) is an important factor.

More usability even for beginners

We improved the usability of the feature and asked ourselves what the most essential information for the user is so that they can correctly place the Wi-Fi repeater. Our answer: The distance to the modem; it is important to see at a glance whether you’re too close to or too far away from the modem. The user is guided by the app and gets the information of where to start (at the modem) and where to continue (step by step away from the modem to measure the new location). As soon as the user is at the optimal distance to the modem, the app tells them to search for a power socket to place the Wi-Fi extender.

Optional details for experts and technicians

Advanced users as well as technicians can display additional information to see even more details. A colour coded scale shows the measured signal strength and how far the user is away from the ideal position. This optional inclusion of additional information not only delivers important details for technicians, but also furthers user education and slowly guides even beginners towards technically complex topics (while not overwhelming them with too much information).

A tool for beginners and pros develops tools to help customers solve technical challenges as well as understand them better. The goal of the re-worked Wi-Fi repeater positioning feature is to both enhance the usability and the user’s grasp of the technical background. Beginners still need just one click to determine if they found the right spot for the Wi-Fi repeater, at the same time they can also access more information to understand why the position is perhaps not suitable. This way, we want to achieve the difficult balance between a tool that solves problems fast and straightforward and at the same time familiarises the user with the concept of Internet self-service. In doing so, the users learn how to solve daily Internet challenges on their own.