Modems, smart home & the Internet of things

Smart home, IoT (Internet of things) and controlling various devices are red-hot topics. But only few know that many modems already have all the necessary functions in order to access those devices.

With the Internet of Things, many initially think only of industrial applications or “futuristic” devices (e.g. the fridge that automatically orders things on the Internet). However, people underestimate that it is also about existing devices that many of them already have at home. They also underestimate the far-reaching functionality of existing modems/routers as well as m2suite, which supports the user in adding new devices to the home network.

The intelligent socket

Turning sockets and connected devices on and off from a distance isn’t practical just for coffee machines or reading lamps. Also a multitude of devices can become available through the push of a button. This way, even appliances that don’t have a wireless connection (whether it’s Wi-Fi or another standard) can be integrated into the smart home and controlled from afar. The already existing solutions not only allow for turning on and off of those devices, but also measure their wattage. As a result, the light can conveniently be turned on or off from the bed, while power eaters can be identified and eliminated.

Smart speakers and light control

Voice control and smart speakers have already replaced the radio for many people. The combination of voice commands and intelligent LED lighting now make dreams come true that were seen as Sci-Fi until recently. With the networks being mainly populated by PCs and smartphones so far, these new devices are now joining as well and need an Internet connection for extended controlling options. Some solutions work based on a direct connection with the modem; others require additional controlling devices that also need to be connected to the modem. In both cases, our solutions support the user in establishing a connection in a simple way. Furthermore they help keeping an overview of the ever-growing home network.

Always the right room temperature

Especially in spring it’s noticeable that temperatures change more quickly than the heating can react. In this case, smart thermostats help to check room temperature and regulate the heating accordingly – no more cold feet! An additional system checks whether a window has been opened and adjusts settings. This is also true for radiators: the existing thermostats of radiators can easily be exchanged for a smart version which can also be controlled as desired. In addition, preferences for the personal ideal temperature can be set as well as saving modes for times when nobody is at home. The crucial advantage is still the option of adjusting things manually from a distance. This way, the holiday home can be preheated from afar or the apartment regulated in case of a sudden change in temperature.

Extended smart home control with m2suite

The presented functions all share a key similarity: they are being controlled via a modem. This is where m2suite enters. Based on standardised protocols, the operation of the various devices and accessories can be done with m2suite. This way, the user not only has full control over the home network, but also oversees all connected devices that are part of the smart home. Independently, all those devices have to be connected to the modem or Wi-Fi (in a different article, we already explained how m2suite helps establishing a Wi-Fi connection and what options it offers). Also in this case, m2suite helps the user with adding new Wi-Fi devices to make sure that they are online and functioning optimally. Additional features like measuring the Wi-Fi signal help with finding the best spot for Wi-Fi devices. After all, music sounds best when the wireless speaker has good reception.