Internet self-service is now 5G ready

It was one of the trending topics at MWC Barcelona and has been launched in the meantime: 5G. After LTE Advanced, commonly known as the fourth generation of mobile communication, 5G is the next big evolution in mobile technology. Especially the targeted specifications make clear that it is indeed a new generation. Besides higher transfer rates it’s mainly the very low latency and the improved energy efficiency that allow completely new applications. Autonomous vehicles, medical applications (eHealth) and the Internet of things (IoT) as well as the Industry 4.0 are just a few examples of the possibilities, all of them benefiting from the increased and more stable connectivity of various devices. is ready

5G is no longer a topic of the future. The technology is already live and the number of supported devices continually growing. Our Internet self-service solutions support all 3G/4G (LTE) routers to ensure the best mobile Internet experience. For the upcoming 5G routers, the configuration, administration and optimisation is also handled via the same modem protocols used for 4G/LTE routers, which are already integrated in our self-service solutions. This means the products of are very well prepared and will fully support 5G.

Broad support for all devices

Already today our solutions help to set up additional devices, from the optimal positioning of a Wi-Fi repeater to the best placement of the mobile modem. 5G will bring even more devices online, meaning our products will be further adjusted and expanded to cover the Internet of Things (IoT) with all its challenges. No matter which devices are online, our self-service solutions help the user to administrate, configure and optimise all of them.

Internet self-service for all Internet technologies

Current Internet technologies continue to evolve constantly, and so do our solutions. While 5G is mainly seen as a technology of the future, already today we think about Internet customers, their devices and how to continue delivering the best support solutions to them.
m2suite offers Internet self-service for all Internet technologies. Wedo no matter if it’s DSL, cable, fiber, hybrid or mobile Internet, covering also the latest mobile Internet iteration, 5G.