Internet issues we always have to solve for our relatives

Many of us spend the Christmas holidays with friends and family. Relatives with limited technical knowledge are likely to use this opportunity to get help for various Internet problems and trouble with devices. Since we’re working in the telco branch or technical areas, it is expected of us to quickly and easily solve all issues. In the following list I’m going to introduce a few common little problems of everyday family life and how they can be solved using the self-care solutions.

1. How do I access my Wi-Fi?

There was a new tablet or even the very first smartphone under the Christmas tree, which poses a hurdle that is not to be underestimated: how do I even get online? If there already is a modem in the household, one can patiently explain where the long, complex Wi-Fi password is printed. It is much easier with m2suite, though, which offers the creation of a QR code for a simple way of connecting to a Wi-Fi. The only thing to do is scan the code with any device and you’re immediately connected to the Wi-Fi. In addition, the code can be printed (and, for example, fixed to the fridge), which makes it easily accessible in the future. m2suite can also read and display the current Wi-Fi data on the modem, the data can then simply be shared or manually typed.

2. What is the Wi-Fi password?

Sadly, we know the problem only too well: even family members who are used to dealing with Wi-Fi fail when they have to handle long Wi-Fi passwords and their character combinations. Of course, this is made worse by long-winded guessing games whether the character is a zero or the letter O. One of my favorite activities during family festivities is changing the Wi-Fi password to a simple, yet secure one: luckily, with m2suite this can be done in the blink of an eye.

3. Wi-Fi access only for guests

To offer Wi-Fi access to your guests is part of good etiquette nowadays, especially for far-traveled relatives who would potentially have to do deal with roaming costs. At the same time, the parents should not share the Wi-Fi password with any loose acquaintance or distant cousin. Here, m2suite helps me to setup a dedicated guest account with a simple password, so that guests are not only supplied with coffee and cookies, but also the Internet. Moreover, the guest account can simply be activated or deactived at any time via m2suite, which makes tedious dealings with the modem web interface unnecessary.

4. The modem is making trouble

As soon as the distribution of presents is over and the food is half-digested, the daily worries of the family become a topic of conversation, which may include an unruly modem. That turning the device off and on again can solve technical issues is an open secret, but in reality this is not always that easy to perform (who really can reliably find the power cable?). Luckily, m2suite allows for an automatic modem restart with one simple click; demonstrated once, even the biggest Luddite will be able to do this the next time problems arise.

5. My Wi-Fi is too slow

Sadly, another common daily problem is a slow Wi-Fi connection, especially with devices that can only go online wirelessly. A Wi-Fi optimisation helps to ensure that each family member can watch their favorite show on their device in different rooms. In just a few steps, m2suite calculate the best Wi-Fi channel and automatically applies the necessary settings to the modem, which guarantees fast and stable Wi-Fi. As an alternative, it also helps to use the less strained 5GHz frequency band.

6. The Internet is not fast enough

Netflix, YouTube and streaming of online content in general has become part of everyday life. If the connection speed does not play along, it quickly leads to waiting time and frustration. With conventional speed tests, the user is confronted with uncommented numbers. In comparison, m2suite has key advantages: the results of the measurement are being evaluated based on the actually available connection speed and are being put into context. Via additional ratings, it also becomes evident which services (Internet surfing, music & video streaming, gaming, etc.) are available in what quality. This way, it can be explained even to the most stubborn relatives why the cheapest rate might not be enough or why the allegedly bad connection is not the culprit.

7. My Wi-Fi is not working everywhere

In bigger apartments or houses, Wi-Fi quickly reaches its limits. If family members complain about reception troubles in these situations, Wi-Fi extenders, for example, can help fill the gaps. Putting such little helpers under the Christmas tree as a present is not enough, though, as the devices also have to be set up and configured in order to work optimally. After unpacking this means using m2suite mobile on your phone to walk through the living quarters. By checking the dynamic display, I can see the optimal spot for the Wi-Fi extender at a glance. This way, ideal surfing conditions for young and old are guaranteed in all rooms.

8. The “slow” computer

If the dear aunt complains about the slow Internet on her laptop or PC, I have to help out, of course. But what if the Wi-Fi has already been optimised and the computer still does not cooperate? m2suite home offers various functions for cleaning up and optimising the PC, so that it can work smoothly again. It only takes a few clicks to accomplish this, which ensures that, in the future, the aunt can “repair” her PC on her own and does not have to wait for me. Additionally, different sensitive types of data that are collected automatically (like cookies or browsing and download histories) can also be deleted with just one click.