Establishing Wi-Fi connections fast and easily

How can users connect their devices to Wi-Fi in the easiest way possible? We’re going to present different possibilities of how you can connect a device to Wi-Fi with our m2suite.

Nowadays, establishing a Wi-Fi connection is easier than ever and the times of entering Wi-Fi data manually (e.g. the Wi-Fi password) are basically over. There are different methods that allow even beginners to quickly and smoothly establish a Wi-Fi connection. For example, this can be done via pressing a button for WPS or scanning a QR code or modem label. In the following, we’re going to explain how our self-service software m2suite reliably helps the user to join a chosen Wi-Fi in an uncomplicated way.

QR code: scan and connect

The so-called scanning of a QR code that’s pictured on, for example, the modem or router is one of the simplest options of establishing a Wi-Fi connection. It is enough to scan the QR code with m2suite, which then automatically makes the desired connection. The scanning works via the integrated camera of the smartphone or tablet. With this method, typing long Wi-Fi passwords is no longer necessary. The code can simply be scanned from a Wi-Fi data sheet.

m2suite can of course also generate a QR code that contains the Wi-Fi data of the modem. If new devices (e.g. tablets or additional smartphones) need to be connected to the Wi-Fi, they just have to scan this code and will be automatically connected. This method is especially useful when offering access to the guest Wi-Fi, as this can be done with just a QR code as well.

WPS: just one keypress away from Wi-Fi

By now, many modems support establishing a Wi-Fi connection via WPS by default. WPS (Wi-Fi proteced setup) is a method for creating secure Wi-Fi connections. By using it, a Wi-Fi device can connect to a modem or router in a fast and easy way. During the process, the encryption settings (Wi-Fi password, Wi-Fi encryption) of the modem are securely transmitted to the Wi-Fi device and saved by it. Additionally, m2suite tags all WPS-capable Wi-Fis. This way, the user just has to select the desired Wi-Fi from the list; m2suite takes care of the rest. Generally, it is enough to press the WPS button of the modem in order to start the WPS function. However, since m2suite can directly trigger the WPS function on the modem, the pressing of the button isn’t necessary anymore. This makes integrating additional devices (e.g. printers) even easier.

OCR scan: from the label on the modem to Wi-Fi

Already available for m2suite mobile, this brand-new feature simplifies the establishing of Wi-Fi connections even further. The user can directly scan the label on the back of the modem with the app. This way, m2suite mobile receives all necessary Wi-Fi data (Wi-Fi name, Wi-Fi password) and can automatically establish the connection for the user. This feature is more powerful than just scanning Wi-Fi data, though. Our OCR scan also recognises printed modem passwords, which is going to make setting up Internet connections with m2suite even simpler in the future.

Manual connection made easy

For users who like connecting to Wi-Fi in the classical way (i.e. by manually entering the Wi-Fi data), m2suite of course also offers the right tools. All available Wi-Fis are being displayed in a clear list; the user selects the desired Wi-Fi and is instructed on how to connect to it – usually, entering the Wi-Fi password is enough. Additional filter options and markings (e.g. the user’s modem or already saved Wi-Fis) guarantee that even beginners can stay on top of things. In addition, m2suite supports manually connecting to hidden Wi-Fis. In this case, the Wi-Fi name (SSID) and password have to be entered in order to establish the Wi-Fi connection.

Many options, one solution: m2suite

Wi-Fi has become an important part of everyday life, which is why connecting to it should be as easy as possible. From WPS to scanning a QR code or label on the back of the modem, the main focus is always to create the optimal way for users and their devices to connect to Wi-Fi. With m2suite, the user can make this step towards wireless Internet in the quickest and simplest way possible. Whether it’s about smartphones, home network devices, gaming consoles or printers; m2suite offers all necessary tools for both mobile and desktop to reliably integrate devices into the user’s Wi-Fi. No matter what way of establishing a Wi-Fi connection is available or desired, m2suite covers a wide variety of options and is of course continuously developed further.